tel: +49 30 60 03 15 62

Lausitzer Platz 1, 10997 Berlin 



tel: +49 30 27 90 84 87 

Joachimstrasse 8, 10119 Berlin 







  SATURDAY  10 - 18

price list


men ́s cut 30 Eur

women ́s cut 50 Eur
color from 45 Eur
gloss 45 Eur
platinum from 55 Eur

sunlight 60 Eur

highlight half / head from 60 Eur

highlight full - head from 90 Eur

deep treatment 10 Eur

Brushing From 25 Eur




tuesday - wednesday and thursday 10 Eur student discount for girls

5 Eur student discount for boys

on haircuts only






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Viktor Leske












Every once in a while a concept is born with enough intuition and innovation to lift the craft of its brand above the normal conventions of banality and into something more artistic and ethereal. Such is the case with the Viktor Leskebrand.  The craft is hairdressing; the concept suggests anything but.

Passersby of the newest Viktor Leske location are developing the custom of deliberately dawdling as they stroll adjacent to the broad window that reveals the starkly futuristic and gorgeously minimal design of the brand new  75m² hair salon. Their pause of curiosity as they pass can often be attributed to their puzzlement   –   what is it? Some kind of art space or gallery? An experimental architectural office? Or something altogether more unconventional disguised as an earth-stationed spaceship?

Once they’ve managed to divert their attention from the allure of the interior, they may notice Viktor, or one of his meticulously handpicked team of international hair stylists, sculpting a new look for a customer. Believe it or not, the confusion of the onlooker at this point is not always annulled, often prompting them to enter the store and ask “do you cut hair here?”. 

The answer is yes, of course. Cutting hair is exactly what the Viktor Leske team does best. But they do it with such unique flair and vitality, and with such effortless instinct that the appearance of something more special occurring is apparent.

A true love of art, in all senses of the word, permeates both salon spaces. This is reflected not only in the use of acclaimed architect team, Karhard, to develop the interior of the stores, but also in the various art pieces that adorn the walls, the refined selection of rare magazines and books, the carefully chosen music that spills from the top class sound systems, and the conversation that flows between staff and the mixture of industry people, artists and fresh young voyagers of Berlin that make up the VL customer base.

Lazy summer afternoons find Joachimstrasse 8 and Lausitzer Platz 1 filled with an array of colourful characters. A brilliant painter who fashioned a piece for the store sits at the salon bar, sharing a drink with an ambitious young DJ while he awaits his haircut, only for the pair to realise that they actually met briefly at a party the week before and already have friends in common. They begin to talk about a future project together. In this way, Viktor Leske locations become not only somewhere to complete your look, but somewhere to complete your Berlin experience and to connect with the most exciting and energetic crowd of the city.

Generating this vibe has not always been an easy feat for the Frenchman, who at times has been confronted with skeptics that questioned some of his more unconventional approaches. But Viktor has remained headstrong and wholly uncompromising during the development of his brand. From the bold rejection of the usual hierarchy  or “star system” commonly adopted by top salons, to the painstakingly lengthy selection process of his highly talented team, to the lack of products pushed in the stores, the difference inside one of Vitkor’s creations is evident.

One of the many lovable qualities of both salons is that there is no price difference in relation to who cuts your hair, simply because the quality level of every cutter is equal to that of the store founder himself. At Viktor Leske theremay be no individual “stars”, but the result is an overall concept that shines.